Planned Projects

1.     Intensive education of about 15 trainers in Kenya.  Good training enables the participants to live the principles of nonviolent communication, into teach and transfer the didactic content, to mediate and to build reconciliation in their surrounding. Trainings are held once or twice a year and it is planned to be continued for two or three more years by experienced and certified trainers.

Costs 500,000 KSH / year  = 5000 EUR

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2.     Conscientisation about domestic violence and trauma healing
Costs for a local project study 200,000 KSH = 2000 EUR
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3.     Continue reconciliation among the two tribes in northern Kenya with the young warriors and the women.
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Planned Activities to stabilize Peace

by Elisabeth Kanini Kimau

In Kenya Schilling
100 KSH = ca.1 EUR


Shepherd education/ 
training/ teaching of basic skills to Morans (shepherds/warriors) and girls who have no opportunity to go to formal school;

180,000 / Person*year

Capacity building for Morans
 alternative livelihood - driving school;

150,000 / 10 Persons

Water for peace has 3 purposes:

- access to water

- bringing people together to dig shallow wells, this promotes a lot of interactions

- generate income; pay for food, book & school 

360,000 / 3 months * 20 persons

(300 / Person*day;
 60 days )

Income generating activities
 through Agriculture,  Business, Poultry/Livestock: 
Widows receive 10 goats: 5 each for Rendille and Borana: the offspring of each goat is dedicated to a widow of the other tribe; thus inserting an interest in the wellbeing of the other tribe´s goats.
Respectively with 10 chicken instead of 1goat

50,000 / 10 Persons


Peace Activities 

promoting interaction at all levels against division and enmity among the groups of
- Women, Morans, Elders

- Youths through sports, athletics, marathons

- Children games / fun games (bringing different schools together)


Formal education for poor children who cannot afford school fees;

Secondary school; plus school uniform and boarding

500,000/child *4 years 


Mobile teacher

30,000 / month =
300,000 / year

Non-Violent Communication trainings; participants for transport, accommodation, meals and training facilities.
- alternatives to violence
- exposure
- interaction promotion

200,000 / 10 Persons Netzwerk Gewaltfreie Kommunikation IBAN DE64 5085 0150 0000 7325 08